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I curse the day I saw your face or ever heard your name

22 September
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Stylesheet by refuted

Hello there. My name’s Eirene, eighteen years old and living in the Netherlands. I’m a total Japan-geek and adore Japanese music, anime and manga. Without yaoi, my day is incomplete. I like watching people at train stations and wondering about who they are and why they’re there. Most of my hobbies aren’t very usual, though some of them are. I’m really bad at talking about myself, especially in English. If you want to, just talk to me! I don’t bite.

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MUSIQUE - sound horizon, ルルティア, aural vampire, ohbijou, edvin marton, the clockwork quartet, the clockwork dolls, bat for lashes, regina spektor, the knife, jónsi, b2st.

FILM - into the wild, taking lives, a clockwork orange, my life without me, dances with wolves, the changeling, amélie, ex-drummer, pan's labyrinth, secret window, the devil's advocate, sleepy hollow, spiderman, marie antoinette, the forgotten, girl, interrupted, control, a walk to remember.

LIVRE - het aapje dat geluk pakt, the catcher in the rye, de man die werk vond, muggepuut, de perfecte koppijn, ex-drummer, catch me when i fall, beha's en bezemstelen(jeugdsentiment, oké?), down and out in paris and london, jpod, ja|nee.